A New Experience

At Ample, you will discover a whole new experience because we leveraging on technology and innovation to develop sustainable communities that guarantees its dwellers and investors premium lifestyle, safety, comfort, value for money and optimum returns on investment. All our projects are developed for seamless integration of smart home system, safety and security system, utility optimization system, and energy efficiency system.

Smart home automation

Safety and security system

Fiber optics connectivity

Sustainability optimization

Integrated energy efficiency

Central gas supply system

Who We Are

Ample is a real estate development and investment company. We bring together a diverse network of professionals and partners to provide innovative and sustainable real estate solutions that delivers value for our clients and investors. All our operations are supported by experience, 360-degree research insight, market success and deep understanding of the Nigerian real estate sector.

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We develop innovative homes where people can
leverage on technology to enhance
their living experience

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Our Projects

We work with the finest architects and experienced constructors, to create communities where people love to live in comfort and peace of mind.

Our residences offer ideal options for different categories of homeowners. Whether you are a first-time buyer, looking for a place to call home or an investor looking to expand your portfolio of properties, there’s something for everyone.

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Life Camp, Abuja

Dakibiyu, Abuja

Abuja has become a top real estate destination in Africa offering fantastic return on investment from rental income and very high appreciation in value of property within a short time.


Our developments presents opportunities for great investments in real estate. With radical transformation underway, the locations of our projects has become one of Abuja’s top real estate investment destination, offering many unique advantages including

High occupancy & rental income

High value appreciation

Great returns on investment

Creating Memories

Home is where great memories are made. We provide
you with exceptional homes to create
wonderful memories

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